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Terri Kaye Skrabacz, President of Medinet Billing Service has provided complete billing solutions for over 20 years. Team Medinet contractors have many years of Medical Billing experience. We have the knowledge and ability to meet all of your billing needs. We are a company that takes pride in working one on one with each client.

Our primary function is to file medical insurance claims with government and commercial companies. Our services are geared at eliminating neglected, late and inaccurate insurance and patient billing. We send patient statements and file insurance claims promptly. Medinet will process your fees slips, payment logs and enter the data on our solid computer network.

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Terri Skrabacz

Terri founded her billing company in 1992 with a vision of building a service that is family oriented and customer focused. 25 years later her vision continues as Medinet Billing Services, LLC. Medinet's success can solely be contributed to Terri's hard work and personal involvement with each client. Her hospitable nature client focus is the bedrock of the business and it's employees. "I wanted to run a business that would allow me to help others, provide for my family, and to spend more time with my husband and kids. Medinet has allowed me to reach these goals while helping you meet yours." Terri has a bachelors degree from Wright State University, is married, has 6 kids and several grandchildren.

Jay Skrabacz

Jay has been a part of Medinet since 2010, as Vice President of the company his main focus was Information Technology and HIPAA compliance. He has a background in Information Assurance and Security. He is a 21 year Air Force veteran and has a Bachelor's degree in Theology. Jay is married to Terri and together they share a very large family.

Colin Jones

Colin has been involved with Medinet for many years and continues to assume more and more operational responsibility. Colin's prior business experience included 8 years in a University setting working in the print and mail division. He is currently continuing his education online at Liberty University. He is married and has three daughters.

Dianne Easom

Dianne has done medical billing for 12 years and has been with Medinet since July 2011. She has really enjoyed learning something new most every year as the health and insurance industry and laws change. Dianne has told her children many times, you never get too old to learn something new and it makes life that much more enjoyable. Dianne has done billing for many chiropractors over the years as well as a PT/OT/Speech Outpatient Clinic, MD's and DO's and a small ambulance company.

Shawna Suman

Shawna has been involved with Medinet since 2013 and has recently taken a primary role in the charge processing department. Shawna has many years of prior experience in software and Information Technology and continues to develop her skills in Medical Billing. Shawna is also very involved in her community and volunteer programs with the local school district. She is married and has three children and one grandson.

Dave Webb

Dave has been a long time network specialist and has provided support to Medinet since 2010. As owner of Webbworks, LLC, he provides all Network and IT support as well as ensures all systems are secure and HIPAA compliant. His expertise keeps Medinet up and running with little or no downtime annually.